Do you have someone in your company or family that you would like to pay tribute to in song?  I can create, record and perform one for you at your next event plus provide dance music or other services.  You will receive an audio or video copy as well!  Here are a few samples below.


A corporate Xmas party where I was hired to zing certain individuals.  This one guy liked Bruce Springsteen, so I tried to channel him.  I hope you do don't CHANGE the channel! 

Annual dinner for staff of a nursing home.  I decided to write a rap song that rhymed members of the staff. (I know what you're thinking--"Richie- don't do this in public ever again!".  Duly noted

Your Own Song! Makes Your Wedding Even MORE Personal!

The Gavins (performed at the reception live with my keyboard)

Milestone Birthday Musical Tribute

A song performed at a surprise birthday party