"MANIFORT" - Latest in a string of political songs (don't worry - I have some for the other team too!) 


"Rake It Into The Streets" -one my own personal favorite things I ever performed live as cohost of the Sean and Richie Show on WGNA

"Bring The Jack Back" - My big continuing beef against the Apple Corp. Love their products, but this was the dumbest thing they ever did..

NEW! 2017 Year End Song!

”Time Is Marching On” 2017


"TIME IS MARCHING ON 2016".  I have written a year end wrap-up song every year since 1988. Here's one from 2016. (Working on this year's as we speak!) 

A conference I performed in Orlando Florida back in 1983.  Poliical satirist MARK RUSSELL was there as the main attraction.  I was playing in a suite for the after party.  He came up to catch my act!  Watch all the way through!